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Famille Perse

Gérard Perse and his family...

Gérard Perse is not a lifelong member of the wine establishment. He was born in Paris, as were several generations of his family before him.

It was during travels to the Bordeaux region that he fell in love with Saint-Emilion and its beautiful countryside.

Little by little the idea took hold: become a winemaker, follow the rhythm of the passing seasons...

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Famille Perse

The land called to Gérard Perse.

This was a far different existence from the world of retail marketing he had known for twenty years. Here was the promise of a calm and convivial life.

After much consideration he pulled up stakes and made the move to Saint-Emilion in the early 1990s.  

It was the beginning of a long journey...

Today, his daughter Angélique, his son-in-law Henrique, and their two children—born in Saint-Emilion—live at the property.

With the same passion which brought their grandfather to this land twenty years earlier, each day the grandchildren of Chantal and Gérard Perse become more attached to their playground: the vineyard...