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2nd half of 19th century

Monsieur Adolphe Pigasse becomes the first-known owner of Château Pavie-Decesse.


Ferdinand Bouffard

Monsieur Ferdinand Bouffard, a Bordeaux négociant, arrives. He will spend the following years acquiring all the surrounding vineyards to create a unified whole.

During this period, the Château Pavie vineyard represents 50 hectares in one block. For an unexplained reason, Monsieur Ferdinand Bouffard decides to separate the "Pigasse” part of his holdings: in 1885 Pavie-Decesse is born!

1850 à 1953

Various owners follow one another

The owners of Pavie-Decesse are the same as those of Château Pavie...

Albert Porte acquires the vineyard after the First World War, then sells it in 1943 to Monsieur Alexandre Valette, who undertakes a restructuration of the property.

Under the direction of Monsieur Marzelle in 1954, Pavie-Decesse earns the coveted title of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé.


The Valette family

After the death of her husband, Madame Marzelle chooses to delegate operation of the vineyard to the Valette family, owners of Château Pavie.

Marzelle when her heirs sell the property to the Valette family.


Pavie-Decesse is sold

Family Valette buys Château Pavie-Decesse.


Gérard Perse's arrival!

Gérard Perse purchases Château Pavie-Decesse from Jean-Paul Valette.